Features of Aluminium Towers

Aluminium access towers from Access Engineering Products, the pioneers of access towers in India have been carefully developed to provide an easily erectable yet safe and rigid access platform for working at heights. Our access tower system has a wide range of fully interchangeable components which facilitate speedy erection in large variety of applications from a simple four legged stand alone tower through to a combination of towers and beams yielding complex structures.

Our access tower systems comprise of three types:

  1. Single width tower with climbing option on anti skid rungs or internal ladders. This is designed for use in confined spaces or areas having narrow alleys.
  2. Double width tower with climbing option on anti skid rungs or internal ladders which provides a large working platform area and multiple choice of platform levels for complex and difficult jobs.
  3. Stairway tower which provides rapid and easy access and is particularly useful where frequent up and down movement is needed.

The design of our access tower system incorporates many features which makes it a highly safe and versatile system.

  • Hand operated quick action self locking purpose designed snap lock design which is registered with the Controller of patents, Govt. of India. This trigger action locking claw provides instant lock grip and ensures that components cannot be accidentally released but only with deliberate human action.
  • Fully interlocking horizontal and diagonal braces ensure complete rigidity and safety of structure.
  • Pressed T shaped joint members with inserts provide a very strong and fool proof joint due to wedging action.
  • Direct inline lockable castor with 200 mm wheel diameter and quick action adjustable leg to cope with uneven surface. Its off center braking mechanism ensures that once locked, it cannot be released accidentally and provides unparalleled safety. The wheels of UHMW polymer give very high load bearing capacity.
  • Base plates with adjustable legs are provided as an alternate to castors for static applications where mobility of towers is not required.
  • The access tower system has structurally sound frames with antiskid rungs having inside serrations which can be used as a climbing option. The frames can be used as mobile outriggers also giving the system an added flexibility.
  • Stabilizers are provided to add stability as well as prevention from tilting over when working at heights. Its telescoping tube elements give flexibility of erection in constricted spaces. All stabilizers are fitted with self adjusting articulated feet to grip even on uneven or sloping surfaces and provide additional safety.
  • The access towers can optionally be fitted with mobile outriggers having castors with adjustable legs for easy mobility even on uneven/sloping surfaces.
  • Strong box section platform formed with non skid aluminium chequered sheet working top surface ensures complete safety and security. These platforms can withstand uniformly distributed load of 2.0 kN/m2. The trap door provides for easy access and pass through.
  • Fully interlocking toe boards eliminate the hazard of tools and materials inadvertently falling off the working platform.
  • These mobile access towers are provided with the option of prefabricated base elements with ballast to replace adjustable stabilizer/outriggers where space is no constraint and frequent mobility of tower is anticipated. Its guide rail system is particularly useful in application requiring very close approach to working requirements.

Our access towers are also designed to meet stringent requirements of EN 1004* using special aluminium alloys to withstand the severest corrosive environment encountered on sea shores. The manufacturing process uses best of welding techniques and alloyed materials for optimum strength. Our quality assurance plan is TUV certified to ISO 9001-2008 quality management system.

(*) - Conditions apply