Why Aluminium ?

The starting point for the extensive development of the Access Engineering aluminium system was an analysis of heavy steel scaffolding. The aim was to create a new generation of aluminium scaffolding system that utilized, further developed and improved the positives of steel system and eliminating the negative ones.

The major advantage of aluminium scaffolding is that it is much lighter than steel scaffolding with a higher strength per unit weight and can be used in corrosive environments without deterioration over time. For difficult to reach locations and where time of assembly and disassembly or height is a critical factor, aluminium scaffolding solutions have major advantages. The light weight of aluminium makes it possible to have a variety of designs with modular components essential for any scaffolding system. The end result is a scaffolding and access system that can be rapidly assembled and is highly portable, mobile and can be easily and compactly stored after usage. The aluminium scaffolding system makes work easier and safer with increased productivity and is also trendy and aesthetic in appearance.

In brief, the proven benefits of aluminium scaffolding over steel are:

  1. Height, weight, strength, flexibility Only aluminium scaffolding system meets these criteria over an extended range of values.
  2. Strength Due to the profile of the load-bearing members it is capable of supporting even higher loads than tubes and fittings.
  3. Increased productivity Manual handling: Significantly reduced weight gives a large reduction of man-hours.
  4. Productivity gains - Due to shortened erection and dismantling time.
  5. Assembly and disassembly - Done with bare hands thus avoiding any need of tools and skilled manpower.
  6. Corrosion With aluminium alloy corrosion is of no concern. The joints are rust free leading to ease of assembly and disassembly. In the case of steel the paint wears off thus leading to shorter life, shabby appearance and probability of failure while in use due to corrosion.
  7. Uniformity The scaffold system is neat and free of any protruding tubes, couplers etc.