Access Engineering Products was incorporated in 1992 as a private limited company with an aim to provide safe working platforms for every type of industry. It was a pioneering effort in India in the field of aluminium knock down systems using quick trigger action locking mechanism which ensured safety without compromising on rigidity, portability, rapid assembly and dismantling.

Our stand alone towers were an instant success with the hospitality industry which welcomed aesthetically appealing structures for front office upkeep. The fact that these high rise platforms could provide quick safe reach upto the ceiling of the lobby meant that maintenance jobs could be taken up during a small window of time available during night and the towers stored compactly thereafter.

Very soon we started integrating these upright columns with sideways expansion and providing large structures and platforms to various infrastructure projects like power generation and distribution, civil construction as well as aviation and aerospace. Their time saving attribute was found particularly useful by petrochemical industry where even a small reduction in downtime meant large savings on maintenance costs. The ability to build over structures and obstacles meant that maintenance of overhead cranes and lights for usually cluttered shop floors in engineering industry became a thing of the past. Thus in a span of a few years all segments of industry realized the usefulness of these safe working platforms which could be erected with bare hands and without any skilled manpower.

We on our part have kept pace with the growing market by expanding our manufacturing capacity with complete in-house facilities. We are pioneers in this field of providing safe access solutions and remain the front runners. We are proud designers & manufacturers of knock down staging which have been repeatedly used by VVIPS, top dignitaries, celebrities, IAF pilots and a host of other personalities. Even senior personnel are now not hesitant to climb up these innovative access systems and thus add value to their inspection and analysis in solving critical problems.