Access Engineering Products Pvt. Ltd. incorporated in the year 1992 designs, manufactures and erects wide range of Aluminium and Steel Access Towers, Scaffolds, Trusses, Ladders and a host of Ground Support Equipment. Being pioneers in this field in India, we have maintained this lead and are continuously developing new applications. We have over 200 satisfied customers, many of them with multiple repeat orders, and have executed nearly a thousand orders. All Access Towers and Scaffolds are built on the knock down concept and are easy to assemble with bare hands. These require no special skill for assembly and are erected in a manner of minutes. These Access Towers, Scaffolds and Platforms employ a very innovative and unique quick action release trigger SNAPLOCK MECHANISM (Brace Hook) the design of which is registered with the Controller of Patents, Govt. of India. Access Engineering is specialized in providing safest access solutions to highly diverse industry segments such as

The Core Competence of Access Engineering lies in Conceptualizing, Designing and Developing a wide range of light weight and highly portable scaffolds to suit a wide range of industries. These trendy access systems are highly flexible having components which can pass through narrow entry and can tackle any conceivable situation and complex geometry like

  • Build Over Structures
  • Stand over Uneven, Curved, Tapering or Stepped Ground Surfaces
  • Assembling in Constricted Space Between Plant and Machinery

In short we cover the entire spectrum of access applications If there is a need, we have a solution.